Do You Have a Unique Idea for Your Car Restoration?

Do You Have a Unique Idea for Your Car Restoration?

Turn to us for custom design and fabrication services in Abilene, TX

When you're thinking about custom car restoration or a restomod, sometimes a little bit of creativity is necessary. That's why Blue Twisted Steel Creations provides design, steel fabrication and a range of other custom fabrication services at our Abilene, TX shop.

For example, when restoring a 1932 Ford flatbed truck, it became apparent its original engine wouldn't cut it for the restoration. Our customer wanted a Dodge Cummins 12 valve! Torque and size were not going to work in the original 32 body and chassis, so our team designed a new creation we call Little Big Truck. The truck then changed from a restoration to a Restomod.

We began with a 1992 Dodge pickup chassis and drive train as the platform. To get the Cummins to fit, the engine compartment needed enlarging to say the least. To make the project look as close to a 32 Ford as possible, the inner fenders were narrowed, floor pan, firewall, dash, bed, cab, roof, interior, double hinge hood all had to be altered or hand fabricated! The most difficult was the radiator shroud which had to be designed to fit the enlarged radiator, hood, fenders, frame, and cowl while being strong enough to hold the entire front body structure together. The finished truck is not only functional and well-proportioned, but has style and looks out of this world. To date Little Big Truck has won every car show it has attended! 

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What can we make for your ride?

If you're trying to truly customize your vehicle, Blue Twisted Steel Creations in Abilene, TX provides comprehensive custom fabrication only limited to your dreams. Some of our most common services include:

  • Chassis
  • Sheet metal
  • Floor plans
  • Interior
  • Stereo boxes and Panels
  • Brackets
  • Linkages
  • Widened quarter panels



Reach out to us right away to set up an appointment to go over what you need fabricated for your ride.