About us

About us

"Blue Twisted Steel" was the name my father gave my brother and I when he saw toughness in us as youngsters. We wanted to carry on that memory in our auto restoration business.

Our love for the hobby began when our father set us down in our first go-kart powered by a second-hand electric washing machine motor plugged into the overhead outlet in the garage. One month later, it got a gasoline powered lawn mower engine. As we grew up, power was the focus as Dad orchestrated the building of a V8 powered Vega for my first car. Ah, the smell of fresh gasoline and exhaust fumes! Soon after we refocused on my 11 year old brother's rendering of his dream sports car. We built that dream in the form of a wooden kit car on a Volkswagen chassis, called the "Forsst" named after my brother, which would be transformed again into a high powered dune buggy once Dad found out how fast we were driving the "Forsst".

Building, customizing, and restoring cars has been our passion ever since Dad got us started years ago. We now live that dream in the form of Blue Twisted Steel and are dedicated to bringing your dreams to you in the form of high quality restorations and creations.

Forrest and I share our customer's enthusiasm and dreams in every project we take on. When you choose us to build your "Dream," you become part of our family tradition and memories.

We look forward to making your dream a reality.


Mitch and Forrest Pritchett